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Snowman Safari? Haverhill is one of Expedia’s Top Winter Wonderlands

DSC_2424 Haverhill Life Ski Bradford black diamond

Black Diamond Trail SkiBradford

Stowe, Vermont, Jackson, New Hampshire, Big Bear Lake, California, Camden, Maine, and….. Haverhill, Massachusetts made Expedia’s 2018 list of 17 of the Most Beautiful Winter Wonderlands  as determined by California-based writer Lily Rogers.  The Heartbeat of Haverhill learned of that designation from Haverhill’s local news provider


Dining al fresco Winnekenni Basin

Haverhill got high marks for overall beauty, and winter activities with specific shout outs to Winnekenni Castle and its grounds,  SkiBradford, frozen lakes and trails and sleigh rides. We also got shout outs for dining options and a downtown punctuated with lots of park benches and interesting and historic buildings. Both the urban lover and the rural enthusiast have places to enjoy in our city.

DSC_3927 Haverhill Downtown Basiliere Bridge from Dempsey Boardwalk winter snow

Dempsey Boardwalk view toward Basiliere Bridge


DSC_3940 Haverhill Downtown washingtn st snow winter

Interesting Architecture and restaurants on Washington St in downtown Haverhill

We only had medium points for snowfall, but 2018 is really keeping us decorated in white. What to do with all that snow?

IMG_3607 Haverhill Little River snow winter water fall

Little River waterfall. Buildings to the right have plans for a little boardwalk, restaurant and apartments to come

It is little wonder that after every snowfall of a certain kind and intensity, our population increases (and no, we are not talking about what you may be thinking about). THOH is referring to those ephemeral beings – snow people. With a little thinking and a hint from Haverhill’s first lady Martha Fiorentini, we set about town, camera in hand for our first ever, Snowman Safari. We had little time to spare since weekend temps may be teasing the 60-degree mark.

Snowman Safari only works when our creative residents put in the effort to make all creatures of snow.  But we certainly do have a great number of snow artists. We drove back and forth along major roads hoping to find out photo prey. Haverhill is over 30 square miles so we can use the help locating them. How many Snowfolks can you find and photograph?

IMG_3768 Haverhill Snowman Safari

Party down snow dude. New albeit temporary Ward Hill resident.

THOH suggests that anytime the snow is right, we all get out and make snowmen or snow animals or snow structures. And then send them to the Heartbeat of Haverhill for inclusion in this post. It would be beyond awesome to have a snowman in every yard. Haverhill could become unique with snowman making and viewing as part of the winter experience here in the City. And maybe that could bring about viewing parties aboard horse drawn sleighs, like the rides offered by Kimball Farm  And maybe Kimball Farm could build its own field of snow beings, because if you build it we will come.

Put on your mittens, Hillies, and start rolling snow!


DSC_1414 Haverhill Kimball Farm Llamas and alpacas hay ride


(c)Alison Colby-Campbell


4 comments on “Snowman Safari? Haverhill is one of Expedia’s Top Winter Wonderlands

  1. lynnefavreau
    January 20, 2018

    That is a fantastic idea. I love it because anyone can do it. You’ve inspired me, now I can’t wait for it to snow again.

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      January 20, 2018

      Yay! Actually the snow is pretty good right now.
      I’m thinking of crafting a neighborhood snow dinosaur.
      Thanks for reading

  2. Mark Armstrong
    March 20, 2018

    Great post and photos, Alison– Haverhill owes you for putting it so emphatically on the map!! 😊

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