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Finding Gratitude in Haverhill’s Winter Whites

DSC_3559 Haverhill Snow 2018 Street to Swasey Field new

This woman runs on Dunkin’s and a 5 gallon bucket of sand



After this last 16-18″ snowfall, as with every snowstorm, The Heartbeat of Haverhill is forced from our  warm home and heavily ‘powdered’ parking lot into the icy cold for an hour or so while the lot is plowed. This is usually in the morning, robbing me of the option to sleep in after a work canceling storm. Every time I seek out reasons to be happy for this season. THOH usually finds it, despite grumbled protestations that of the four New England seasons, Winter is my 5th favorite.  Eventually by the time I return to my plowed out yard and shoveled, sanded, and salted walkway, I am almost always smiling. grateful, and hoping to share the beauty, and even humor.

Yes it is tough walking about or finding parking or keeping track of both gloves, but we have helpers here in the City who plow and shovel and provide shelter as needed. And I am very thankful for them. Citizens and employees who put the effort forward to do a good job to make the City safe. Sure it may not happen instantaneously on every street, but they are out there working round the clock. In fact by 8 am the day after this storm the major roads were cleaned down to the pavement, and easily passable. Smaller side streets do take longer.


DSC_3363 Haverhill Snow 2018 Near mill st

DSC_3441 Haverhill Snow 2018 plowing sidewalks near Walnut Sq School

Plowing the sidewalks near Walnut Sq School




The efforts of the workers made it possible for me to explore. I checked out some of our iconic buildings and structures….

DSC_3284 Haverhill Snow 2018 Merrimack River Downtown

Check out how much of the bench is covered in snow. Basiliere Bridge taken from behind the Fire Station


DSC_3581 Haverhill Snow 2018 Dustin Garrison House Duston

Dustin/Duston Garrison House

DSC_3480 Haverhill Snow 2018 Comeau Bridge

DSC_3467 Haverhill Snow 2018 Behind the Tap Gazebos

River Walk Behind the Tap

DSC_3499 Haverhill Snow 2018 Washington St

Washington St

DSC_3456 Haverhill Snow 2018 Washington Sq Christmas Tree

Haverhill City Christmas Tree in Washington Sq may have gotten a reprieve due to the blizzard.



DSC_3344 Haverhill Snow 2018 Plug Pond

Plug Pond Beach

DSC_3365 Haverhill Snow 2018 Mill St

Mill St Park

DSC_3368 Haverhill Snow 2018 wINNEKENNI

Winnekenni Basin Playground

DSC_3399 Haverhill Snow 2018 DOg Face Winnekenni Abbie

Winnekenni Trail

DSC_3544 Haverhill Snow 2018 Swasey Field Sledding

Swasey Hill Sledding

DSC_3328 Haverhill Snow 2018 Favorite Tree on Mill St

Just a tree I like on Mill Street




DSC_3422 Haverhill Snow 2018 Winnekenni Castle

Incongruous inflatable Santa in front of classically decorated Winnekenni Castle appears to be  kissing the ground after a turbulent reindeer flight

DSC_3394 Haverhill Snow 2018 Dog Face Winnekenni

Abbie the high flying doggie at Winnekenni


Hate when I get there before the life guard

DSC_3464 Haverhill Snow 2018 Blowing off the Deck at the Tap

The Tap is using a snow blower to clear off its deck, in case someone wants to sit outside.

DSC_3573 Haverhill Snow 2018 HHS Thinker Statue

The Thinker at the High School contemplating his regrettable choice not to wear long pants



DSC_3311 Haverhill Snow 2018 Kazmeira

Kazmeira Marina

DSC_3320 Haverhill Snow 2018 Kazmeira

Crew boats waiting for the river to melt

DSC_3302 Haverhill Snow 2018 Fire station bike

Should have brought the snow defeating Fat Bike at Water St Fire Station

DSC_3658 Haverhill First robin of 2018 on Jan 9.

Seen on Jan 9 2018


(c)Alison Colby-Campbell



6 comments on “Finding Gratitude in Haverhill’s Winter Whites

  1. ContisM
    January 6, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your great photos!

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      January 6, 2018

      It is amazing how much sanity I can restore simply by photographing beautiful things…. and Haverhill has a lot. Thanks for reading ContisM

  2. Mary Jane Ryan
    January 7, 2018

    I just love Haverhill. It’s my home for over 21 years.

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      January 7, 2018

      I am a relative newbie at 10 years and I’m finding more to love every year. Thanks for commenting

  3. Edie
    January 7, 2018

    Those are some lovely photos. Been here just over 40 years. Haverhill offers a nice blend of city & country benefits.

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      January 7, 2018

      thank you . with over 40 years in the City can you tell me what you think is beautiful but that most people don’t know about? I feel like I have a set group of places I go, but I want to keep finding and sharing more.. Thank you

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