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Finding THE tree in Haverhill

The Heartbeat of Haverhill can boast about our city for myriad reasons from its great downtown vibe to its natural resources. But Haverhill holds a special place in our heart for the vastness of our agriculture, most specifically at this time of year for the multitude of Christmas tree options. From perfectly shaped award winners to shaped by nature options, Haverhill has the tree for everybody.  In our travels from tree to tree, we were impressed to learn how far people travel to get their trees in Haverhill (Boston, NH, Maine), and how passionate the customers are when it comes to THEIR favorite tree spot. Sure there are lots of new folks discovering our tree population, but others have been getting their trees from the same vendor for over 20 years!!!

THOH (look for the Alison Colby-Campbell byline) recently wrote an article titled Where Hillies Find Their Trees for the December issue of Haverhill Life Magazine and there were so many options from pre-cut to chop your own, to tag and cut and stuff in your trunk from micro to table top to major tree commitment that there wasn’t room for the bulk of my photos from our excursions all across the city in search of trees. Check out the article for more details on each location.

IMG_2434 Haverhill Christmas Trees Hansen Tree Farm Karen and Danielle Paonessa from Derry NH

Karen and Danielle Paonessa from Derry NH at Hansen Tree Farm

We seldom have snow for Christmas, much less significant snow that lingers. Unfortunately when we do, the cut-your-own tree farms may deem it too difficult to maneuver in the fields and so shut down their operations for the year, especially if they were already near their harvest capacity. Such is the case with two of our beautiful farms this year. It is understandable if disappointing…. they don’t want you walking around with saws when slippage potential is high. But you can try them again next year, and remember, no procrastinating! And this year choose from some other of our other magnificent options.

Here are the albums for the different places THOH investigated. But there are additional tree spots we have missed at mall parking lots and gas stations, pop up shops…..


Cottage Gardens


Elks Lodge No. 165


Hansen Tree Farm SOLD OUT FOR THE 2017 SEASON

Holland Flowers


Lovers Lane Tree Farm so close to the NH border you have to cross into NH to get to this farm

Rogers Spring Hill Farm & Garden Center




The Heartbeat of Haverhill wishes all a very magical Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year.

DSC_2181 Haverhill Christmas Trees Turkey Hill Farm


(c)Alison Colby-Campbell



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