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Haverhill’s Autumnal Photo Album

The Heartbeat of Haverhill is a Spring/Summer enthusiast reveling in the endless daylight and gentle breezes, of billowing skirts and bare feet, of petals and butterflies and the promise of a harvest.

Winter in our humble opinion has so many strikes against it:  too much darkness, too much cold and necessary clothing layers to try and ward it off, too much snow for aging backs to shovel, too much caution needed to accomplish the simplest tasks like crossing a driveway newly glazed in ice. Winter is hard. Fall on the other hand is the threshold to winter. Not bad in its own right, but as the harbinger of hardship, it elicits angst as it pushes Summer into the past.

IMG_1156 Haverhill rogers chickens foliage tractors

However a couple of recent drives through Haverhill brought forth the giddy sensation of falling in love or loving fall. One of the two. We found ourselves exclaiming repeatedly “Isn’t that beautiful.” “How pretty is that?” “Stop! That should be a photo.”  We hadn’t even achieved peak foliage yet. THOH took to the computer to find the appropriate expression to support this alluring sensation and found this quote…

“Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night.” Hal Borland

THOH read the quote and thought:”But we prefer low tide when discoveries are made on the uncovered sand, and, while a full summer moon is magnificent, a slim crescent moon in in a crystalline winter sky is pretty hard to beat.” And there it was, our “Aha” moment. We are enamored of the full mosaic of stories and seasons more than we love any singular favorite.

Sure, by February, winter will seem interminable and we will wait impatiently for the days to lengthen and the soft green buds to reveal themselves, but we should also do our best to appreciate what each season yields. Like the beautiful images we’ve shared here.

There are more photos to come to this post because in Haverhill we’ve got the best of any season.

IMG_9778 Haverhill Plug Pond FallIMG_1156 Haverhill rogers chickens foliage tractors_DSC4871 HAverhill Rocks Village flowers fall astersIMG_1278 AHverhill Basiliere Bridge Fall foliage_DSC4926 HAverhill Fall Kimball Farm Calendar listingIMG_4179 Fall Foliage 2015 Asters and BeesIMG_9156 Haverhill Boardwalk fallDSC_3255 Haverhill Rogers Spring Hill Garden Center Fall Fest flower beeIMG_1311 Haverhill squirrels riverside parkIMG_9012 Haverhill Crescent Farm golden rod and bees_DSC4856 Haverhill Fall Rocks Village BridgeIMG_1166 Haverhill rogers chickens foliage round pondDSC_6759 Haverhill Crescent Farm pumpkinsIMG_1373 Haverhill Northpoint Bible tupelo pond darker_DSC5681 Haverhill Fall Little River Stevens St DamIMG_1353 Haverhill Mallard Ducks Northpoint Bible tupelo pondDSC_6613 Haverhill Crescent Farm PumpkinsDSC_6955 Haverhill Crescent Farm white heronDSC_6793 Haverhill Crescent Farm gourdsDSC_6733 Haverhill Crescent Farm cows foliageDSC_7138 Haverhill Crescent Farm white heron birdDSC_6746 Haverhill Crescent Farm turkey vultureDSC_7137 Haverhill Crescent Farm white heron birdDSC_6753 Haverhill Crescent Farm pumpkinsDSC_7199 Haverhill My mums perennialsDSC_7098 Haverhill Crescent Farm whhite heron birdDSC_7108 Haverhill Crescent Farm white heron bird


(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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