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Haverhill’s Secret Winter Asset – Snowsports at SkiBradford


The Heartbeat of Haverhill just loves it when the wider universe recognizes just how special a city we have, and thanks to Fox25’s Around Town the world became a little more aware yesterday that, yes, we Have-A-Hill, 7 actually, but this one is ski-able. There are only five ski areas left in eastern Massachusetts and THOH might be biased, but we think Haverhill’s SkiBradford could claim the title of ‘The Best’.




SkiBradford is:

  • Family friendly
  • 32 miles from Boston – great for a day trip!
  • Impressive with a 248′ vertical drop with 15 trailsdsc_5775-haverhill-skibradford-fox-25
  • The only resort offering a Terrain Park in eastern Massachusetts
  • Known for teaching with 200 ski/board instructors that everyone seems to love
  • Home to a large rental store
  • A full snack bar with warming fireplace
  • 3 Triple Chair lifts and 6 surface lifts
  • Night skiing
  • Host to a variety of events
  • Home slope to Haverhill High and other ski teams.

Michele Lazcano and Sarah Wroblewski at SkiBradford in Haverhill MA

THOH thanks Fox 25 for championing our city. In August 2015 they were at Riverfront Park filming our new public docks and hosting a big Haverhill Zip Trip party, of course that was during much warmer weather. In September 2016, Fox25 featured the Haverhill HS Football win against North Andover. So it was super exciting to see Haverhill friends Meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski and Around Town host, Michele Lazcano, back in our neighborhood, this time in mittens and hats. As a graduate of UMass Lowell, Sarah is very familiar with the Merrimack Valley and looked at ease greeting fans in the lodge.

Conditions at SkiBradford can be found on its website that offers real time ski condition updates. Today the snow and trails (13 open)  are great and the crowds manageable. The staff helpful and friendly no matter what the weather.

Michele checked out the terrain park and got the VIP tour of the resort and came back impressed with all the options SkiBradford offers. She learned that there are over 200 instructors working with kids as young as 4 and adults of any age, and that instructors are noted for understanding how best to teach each unique student.


Michael Privitera Director of Snowsports at SkiBradford with Fox 25’s Michele Lazcano

Fox 25 saluted the Haverhill Fire Dept Local 1011  for Firehouse Friday and aired a segment with Lt Michael Clohisy on ice safety noting that our crazy weather with its radical ups and downs means the ice is unsafe, he advised that people should use the city and parents as a resource for updates on ice safety, and no one should skate alone, and definitely call the fire department if you see an animal stranded on the ice. Do not try to rescue it yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was exhilarating being outside and watching the different levels of experience come down the various trails and glades. Some zipped by captured in barely a blink of an eye, others wobbled a bit more slowly but had fun nonetheless. THOH is most proud of those adults taking on new challenges despite a tumble or two. You are inspirational every time you get back up! Especially when you get back up laughing as this boarder did.


Haverhill is so chock full of surprises and wonderful things to try and boast about. But sometimes, as residents, we need to remember to use what we have in our back yard. Consider this your reminder!  Oh and by the way remember Haverhill has a vineyard and winery, a residents’ beach, a growing crew team, and trout stocked lakes and ponds…….

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell





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