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Snowed Out in Haverhill

A short while ago The Heartbeat of Haverhill compiled a list of things to do in winter in our beautiful city that was fairly comprehensive, and it needed to be because we didn’t have any significant snow so we needed options. You can click on this resource for indoor and outdoor winter activities Loving Winter Activities in Haverhill for more details. The truth is the 2015/2016 winter was kind of a “no show” here in Haverhill. In fact it was February before we got any decent snow coverage. However, now we’re having back-to-back storms that have supplied some tremendous opportunities to show off our beautiful city and fabulous residents when they take it outside in winter.

We traveled around Haverhill (but at 35 or so square miles, admittedly we didn’t hit every nook and cranny) to uncover the secret life of Haverhill’s winter enthusiasts. THOH discovered along the way that Haverhill is known regionally as an awesome winter destination. Skiers downhill and cross country, sledders, hikers, snowshoers and ice fishermen included visitors from the surrounding towns and cities. The Heartbeat of Haverhill posted these on Facebook but felt a more permanent collection on this blog was definitely in order.

PS: You can click on the individual photos and scroll through the galleries at a larger size.




Community sanctioned sledding area at Swasey Field, city-provided ice skating rinks at Swasey Field, GAR Park, and Riverside Park. Trails through woods and parks for cross country skiing or snowshoeing, snow man/creature development or everyone’s favorite  – pick-up snow ball fights. The photos below were all taken in one afternoon and represented ‘free fun’; I never even made it to our ski resort that had been making snow for months.



The warm weather may have curtailed ice fishing on our sizable lakes and ponds (Pentucket, Saltonstall, Millvale, Crystal, Kenoza, Winnekenni Basin, Johnson*, and Chadwick*) but our city boasts some awesome free thinkers who decide to engage with nature in unique ways of their own.  Winter kayaking is ‘a thing’ this year  because the Merrimack River couldn’t freeze with temps creeping into the 50 and 60-degree range in December, January and February. Dog sledders traipse the 700 acres of hilly, city-owned conservation area at Winnekenni Park. Picnickers with no fear of ants staking out their turf dine al fresco amid the snow drifts with multi course meals delicately balanced on napkined laps. Stand Up Paddleboarders skimmed across the icy river in elf suits. Snow frosted bison just being bison.       *Shared with Boxford


And this is just a small sampling of what you’ll find here in Haverhill this winter. In fact The Heartbeat of Haverhill has been invited on a photo safari atop the lifts at Ski Bradford. We heard the views are stunning! But we don’t even know how to get down. No problem, the kind people at the resort will take care of transportation for us on up to 10 lifts…Hmm if one uses a “lift” to get up the mountain, what do you call it when you use the same thing to come down… Probably a chicken run!! We’ll post those images soon. Enjoy the winter; it’ll be over before you know it.

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