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The Heartbeat of Haverhill doesn’t quite understand why there needs to be a single Shop Local ‘Saturday’…it’s just too much pressure and too little time to hit ALL the independent and locally owned shops on one day. “Shop them all year instead” we say. But compelled by the spirit of the adventure we took on Wingate Street and a few more. Click on the photos to see them in larger scale.


FRESCO BEIGNET 34 Rogers Rd, Haverhill (Ward Hill) 978.857.8186 

This new cafe opened a week ago in Ward Hill.

We started with beignet’s at the new Fresco Beignet in Ward Hill. These fresh and warm sweet pillows of lusciousness are a specialty item we haven’t found elsewhere in Haverhill. They might be construed as a combination of fried dough and doughnuts but with a more adult sensibility that go mighty well with any one of 14 flavors of coffee. We met about half the family who own this and some Heavnly Donuts franchises in Salem, NH. Dan, Maureen (Reenie) and Miranda Seaman were passionate, gracious and fun on day one of the cafe’s opening. Theirs is a soft opening as they make final determinations on what works, what additions to the menu to add, and whether the location will support the seemingly grueling hours of 5:30am-7pm Monday-Sunday.  Fresco Beignet  serves breakfast, and lunch/light dinner items (salads and sandwiches) and egg sandwiches, croissants, bagels  and muffins. And pastries…Special Features – Order and pay online and fast drive through. Ooo yes and their cutlets are pounded by hand in a secret custom breading, in fact one customer called back to the shop after picking up a take out just to say it was the best cutlet sandwich she’d ever had.

We’ve been by twice, the second time with our daughter who grew up in Mississippi and had regular access to Louisiana where beignets were first created and she thinks they are spot on, however the proprietors are planning a trip down south to look for ways to improve their signature product. That’s dedication.

Functionality – In the back of the building they have a 60 person function room with bright windows that provides a more moderately priced option for mercy meals and meetings. The function facility offers many options for the future…..details to come.

IN A BLUE MOON 133 Merrimack Street, Haverhill

A THOH reader on our FaceBook page said we should definitely try out In a Blue Moon consignment shop featuring 50 vendors on Merrimack Street next to the TD Bank. So we did. Pretty nearly life-sized Santa with a life sized fawn in the window. The Deer was $19.99 and well Santa which is electronic and waves was $350. But prices are often negotiable at the shop. There are items for dollars and cents so something for every budget. Practical as well as whimsical items. Some excellent and warm knit goods, clothing, furniture, gadgets, household items, jewelry, decor to match any style and many nooks and crannies to explore. The current owner of the shop just celebrated anniversary number two. Make sure you ask at the counter if the vendor you are purchasing from is offering a discount that day.


THE COLOR MINT 25 Railroad Sq, # 205, Haverhill  (978) 241-9690

The Color Mint is a lovely fashion store with clothes, shoes and jewelry reasonably priced for fashion items of high quality. The staff is helpful and shopping on Shop Local Saturday meant there were beverages, candy and muffins plus a super comfortable couch where THOH’s husband sat without complaint sipping and nibbling regardless of the good deal of time I spent exploring. Though most products are new, there is section of pre-loved and vintage products. The jewelry is on trend and the sweaters are enticing for their good looks and warmth. The shoes, boots and accessories are worth a close inspection. New arrivals promise to make your season bright.

ANGLES & ART  80 Wingate St, Haverhill  978-372-2260

THOH has a history with Angles & Art. When I first started getting into photography competitions, I had a requirement for one contest that every photo be placed in clear protective bags. Of course I had not read the rules in a timely manner and was setting out to deliver the photos when I realized I was not in compliance.  I called around and eventually spoke to a complete stranger at Angles & Art and she was the only person who offered to help me get out of the bind. She had photo sleeves and GAVE me some even though the photos were matted and there was no addition to her store’s register that day from doing so. The woman who helped me was Harmke Lawrence and THOH thinks she’s awesome. So what kind of shopping can you do at  Angles & Art…they can frame family photos, offer works of art in all price ranges including tiny pieces, they can create shadow boxes from favorite things like tee shirts and tea cups, they can turn your child’s artwork into a framed masterpiece, they can make your house or a loved one’s house more beautiful to live in. And they showcase local artists’ works. Know what I think would be a perfect gift – a gift certificate to this store so a family member or friend can finally frame that piece of art or photo they had for ever in a style that matches their decor.

LIONESS  63 Wingate St, Haverhill  (978) 372-3151

Lioness was a surprise to The Heartbeat of Haverhill, this little boutique for women and girls features irresistible jewelry and fleece-lined leggings that we heard  people on the street praising. That is literally how we decided we must visit. The space had been shared with Reach Fashion but Reach’s proprietor is staying behind the scenes teaching sewing now. There is an annual window decorating contest throughout downtown Haverhill and THOH was so impressed by the work in progress at Lioness, so creative, that I shared it at a family gathering with people who do not live in Haverhill. Is it any wonder the items in this shop are as unique as its proprietress?

MODERN reVIEW  62 Wingate St, Haverhill 978.372.3819

Vintage furnishings and decor that range from mid century modern to art deco inspired.  Madmen era coffee pots, portable record players (we’ve heard vinyl is coming back), lighting, ephemera, and lots of seating options. THOH is in love with a black leather wrap around sofa with a built in end table, if only we had an office large enough to accommodate that! We’re requesting visitation rights from whoever buys that beautiful statement piece. Modern reView also displays awesome artwork as you wind your way through several rooms and hallways filled to the brim with treasures. Some of these items are guaranteed to bring about a wistful smile and a happy memory from people who remember life before cell phones.

ARTmosphere CENTER  (Formerly Paint and Wine Lounge) 57 Wingate St #103, Haverhill,

Ever since Paint and Wine Lounge became ARTmosphere, a virtual day spa for the creative soul, I’ve wanted to check it out.  This place is designed for people or groups  who want to craft but don’t have the room, the idea, or the supplies needed to make something by hand. Consider those girls nights out where everyone paints the same picture and sips wine – well that’s nice, but here each attendee can pick their own craft – paint a little birdhouse, knit a scarf, make stuff out of supplied wine corks, design custom soap, or paint a canvas. Everyone gets to listen to their own muse….and sip wine and have a snack and hang out with friends. Prices are great…projects are grouped together by cost and range from $5 and up including the time spent in the studio and all the supplies. If you finish before your friends, you can relax by the fireplace while your project sets. For kids’ parties they even have activities like a scavenger hunt. Beat that Plaster Funtime! THOH picked out a project to work on next week, but it’s a surprise for multiple people so I will work solo, but a visit to Shauna’s shop is in my future and I will bring visiting kids over Christmas break. Can’t wait!!!!


POSITIVE IMAGES  53 Wingate St, Haverhill, (978) 556-9366

Full disclosure – The Heartbeat of Haverhill frequents this shop and has THOH calendars for sale here as well. My husband has framed photographs on the walls, also for sale. But it is the dedication to Fair Trade and local artists that make this shop so exceptional. We’ve been picking up odds and ends for holiday gifts for months and we keep going back. We just got a couple of tree ornaments for our home. It seems that whatever you want you can find it at Positive Images and if you can’t find it Pat can. Debbie Shirley original art and prints, David Rogers (creator of the American Dog sculpture on Rte 495) reduced to table top size  and key rings of his most iconic pieces. Knit wear including the sweetest “Frozen-inspired” hats replete with white braid, little ceramic sculptures that are mortar and pestles or salt and pepper shakers, unique jewelry pieces.  New stuff arrives regularly and since proprietress Pat is an artist in her own right, the pieces she selects are top notch, and  surprisingly reasonably priced.

ROGERS SPRING HILL GARDEN & FARM CENTER  1269 Boston Rd (Rte 125), Haverhill/Bradford (978) 372-4780

A reader of The Heartbeat of Haverhill Facebook page responded that if we were out and about we had to stop by Rogers Spring Hill Garden Center (RSHGC). In addition to the shop local initiative, RSHGC was celebrating its 25th anniversary (with cake!)  We are so glad we stopped in, visitors got to help judge the best out of 9 employee made chilies, guess the number of pine cones in a glass jar, chat up Santa, and see acres of festive holiday greenery, trees and wreaths.  The center smelled wonderful as the different evergreens blended their scents. We spotted several perfect trees, and miles of every imaginable color of ribbon to decorate the wreathes or gift items like Amaryllis bulbs or paper whites. RSHGC is collecting toys for the Salvation Army and any chili-judging donations also went to charity. This place makes you remember what Christmas feels like and there was no pressure to do anything but take it all in and enjoy, but of course, how could one resist some of their wonderful items?


If you asked THOH if we like shopping, the answer is typically “NO”, but Saturday we came away smiling after absolutely enjoying ourselves, chatting with neighbors (we saw City Councilor elect Andy Vargas with a few shopping bags in hand!),  learning about the passions of the shop owners and sampling treats and seeing the lovely products available. So if you asked that question again the answer is:  “We like shopping in Haverhill.”

Though we didn’t visit this time we’d like to have included:

the Haverhill Public Library gift shop; I always love their calendars of historic pictures (for my business I always use three calendars opened to three different months,

plus the stores on Washington Street including Sage Gallery, Haverhill Arts Market, Re-Fab Finds and 8 by Design,

Emerson Street’s soon to open Made in Haverhill Gallery,

And it might have been nice to have saved a little room or time for another snack or meal. Did we forget anything?

What will be going on in all these little shops during next Saturday’s  December 5, 2015 Christmas Stroll?

(c) Alison Colby-Campbell








  1. Mike Valvo
    November 30, 2015

    Great article.

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      November 30, 2015

      Thank you Mike – aren’t we lucky to have such awesome and unique places

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