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DSC_0072-001 Haverhill HS Graduation 2015

For the Heartbeat of Haverhill, the 2015 Haverhill High School Graduation ceremony was personal and heartfelt. Class president Ryan McGlashan set the tone being at various times open, funny, hopeful, proud, and serious as he emceed the entire presentation. The emotions he started to release in the audience came full force in Mayor Fiorentini’s speech that quoted  “no one is useless in the world who lightens the burden of another” and then the introduction of 18 men and women going off to serve our country. Class valedictorian Taylor House hauntingly sang an a cappella version of Disney’s “When You Wish Upon A Star” from the podium while impressive stacks of diplomas waited for distribution. The grads’ faces as they crossed the stage displayed excitement and perhaps a bit of apprehension as they shook hand after hand signifying the end of their years at HHS.

The diplomas

The diplomas

There was a point toward the end of the ceremony when one of the teachers slapped the beach ball back into the crowd of graduates rather than remove it from play. THOH witnessed the final band performance of retiring Joseph Leary, students with assistants who struggled to walk up the ramp to proudly take the stage, sentimental and funny messages on mortar boards, clinging hugs that lasted longer than usual between families and friends, and tearing eyes that were quickly wiped.

It’s impossible not to feel a collective pride for all these torch bearers of the future, but when one of them is yours, your heart gets tugged a little harder in every direction, and words are more difficult to come by. So THOH will tell the story in photographs and a wish for the graduates:

May your dreams be realized –  the grand and the small – and may you understand you have the ability to alter them along the way. May you feel the pride of your accomplishments, but most of all, may you know that the love and support of your community embraces each of you. Carry on! The Heartbeat of Haverhill

DSC_0036 Haverhill HS graduation 2015

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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