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Add Another Milestone to Senior Year 2015 at Haverhill High School

The adults crowded Haverhill’s Bradford Common with wistful thoughts of years gone by when they themselves were the Pretty Pretty Princesses and Handsome Attendants. But this evening the celebration was for the next generation. And The Heartbeat of Haverhill wondered: How on earth did time pass so quickly?

DSC_0187 Haverhill HS Senior Prom 2015

At our home, two cousins with some mad styling skills, helped pull the dream look together. They are not very far removed from their own prom days, and yet it held little significance to them.

IMG_0274 Haverhill HS Senior Prom 2015 Leisa prepping

In contrast, immediately after taking photos at two pre-prom locations, THOH went to a Haverhill Cultural Council meeting where the prom sentiment hit a chord with all those in attendance. We swapped our stories – who went, who didn’t, who felt proms are a huge waste of time and money and who remembered them with a special glint in his or her eye. Though The Heartbeat of Haverhill will never name names, the rebels in our group who shook up their proms might surprise you. Someone exclaimed, proms are very different these days, and most nodded in agreement. making THOH think maybe senior proms are as much for the senior years as the seniors.

After the house full of glamour mayhem and strewn beauty aids and a make shift front yard photo shoot, The Heartbeat of Haverhill dashed out of the house for two prom stops. One group utilized the Winnekenni Castle grounds to complete the princess theme. After shooting photos in a crazed flurry there, we charged to the larger gathering at Bradford Common (obeying the speed limits of course). The break-neck pace left little time for thoughts other than who didn’t I catch on camera yet. But in editing the photos tonight, THOH noticed how beautiful every girl looked and how handsome every boy, and how popular (and elegant) Haverhill Spanish teacher and one of tonight’s chaperons, Jean Ray is. Guys flocked to her side like plastic flamingos to her front yard when she entered the viewfinder!

DSC_0210 Haverhill HS Senior Prom 2015

All the hullabaloo around the pictures was exhausting in near 90-degree weather and slowly parents and family retreated to home as the students were only beginning their evening. The glamorous ones loaded their cars, buses and limousines heading to the Wyndham Hotel Event Center in Andover to be followed by myriad after prom activities.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT: Despite the heat, an idea percolated in THOH’s brain: why not have students, on the day after the prom, return to full prom regalia and visit nursing and assisted living homes and bring some of the bright colorful cheer while evoking many wonderful memories for the rresidents. It could be the “Seniors” Prom with punch and cookies. This would not only bring joy, but provide one more opportunity to don “the” dress and if done before noon, probably another wear out of the rental tux. Just a thought.

DSC_0251 Haverhill HS Senior prom at Bradford Common

For The Heartbeat of Haverhill, the overriding sentiment of the evening beyond “hold onto these times together” is “Be safe, everyone, so you can enjoy the memories you are making today when it’s your turn to step back and watch your own children head off to prom”.

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell

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