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The Heartbeat of Haverhill wanted to check out the new dog park at Riverside Park. Unfortunately our 7:30 am arrival did not coincide with anyone else’s….guess they were letting sleeping dogs lie. So THOH took a long overdue stroll around the grounds.

DSC_0917 crop dog park haverhill

There is an amazing array of activities to enjoy in this vast park. Gotta ball – have a ball. Fields of dreams and diamonds and courts for soft ball, baseball, tennis, football (in season the stadium is the home of HHS Hillies), dog ball – you can do it all. There’s even a horseshoe pit, frequent rollerbladers, occasional spray cannon events in summer, and in winter, a small skating rink. Watercraft of all kinds glide along the Merrimack River that borders the park.

Kingfisher on the Merrimack River haverhill

Kingfisher on the Merrimack River Haverhill

Birdwatchers can revel in the minimally foliated trees right now that offer up some better views of our feathered friends. We walked through the woods on a nicely marked trail stopping frequently to admire the glint of the Merrimack River. Two kingfishers (with arguably the worst sounding call of all birds) chastised us from nearby branches  taking flight often enough to ward off the paparazzi. A mockingbird hopped along a sanded inlet making any number of courtship calls that ultimately proved successful as he cozied up to a female. A gaggle of geese honked instructions for landing on the swiftly moving river. Birds were as plentiful as moms with strollered-babies;  all taking advantage of the sun dappled trails.

Kayaker on the Merrimack River Haverhill

Kayaker on the Merrimack River Haverhill at Riverside Park

Could there be a prettier time in Haverhill? Crab apple blossoms, magnolia, daffodils, forsythia, tulips, and all the springtime green of new leaves and new grass. Last week’s city-wide clean up and the dozens of volunteers who helped out, made this well maintained and patrolled park even more pristine than usual.

DSC_0935 crop dog park haverhill riverside

Too soon it was time to mosey back to the car and return to the working world, but we stopped when we  noticed one lone lab in the dog park and headed over to scratch a warm fuzzy head and see if the dog park is all it should be…and soon there were two….and then there were three. And THOH got to witness the making of lifetime friends as the legally unleashed canines who’d just met wrestled and chased and amicably strolled side by side. The conversations among the human companions hinted that friendships might have been forged among the less furry creatures too. We know The Heartbeat of Haverhill extended our stay by another half hour despite our lack of dog.

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(c)2014 by Alison Colby-Campbell


  1. Brain4Rent/THoH
    May 7, 2014

    Chocolate lab is 1 year old Lucy who accompanied Hillie Bob Sullivan to the park.

  2. robert sullivan
    May 9, 2014

    This is Bob Sullivan. Thanks for making Lucy famous. She is love with the white Lab by the way. That was a great action photo by the way. Good work.
    Keep up the good work for Haverhill, Bob Sullivan

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