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Summer 2013 photo

Summer 2013 photo

The Heartbeat of Haverhill has been looking for signs of  spring for quite some time and then last week many emerging signs were covered in a late season snow. But it’s back again – Spring is in the air and I know because  I went for a walk at Plug Pond this morning around 7:30 am and spent most of my time chatting with fishermen (and, yes, they were all men today).


IMG_4569 Haverhill Fishing Blog

Here are 9 interesting facts about fishing in Haverhill:

1. Plug Pond is stocked with trout multiple times each year. One fisherman said he heard last year the pond was stocked four times totaling over 3700 farm raised trout.

2. This year during the week of April 7, three of Haverhill’s eight (8!) lakes and ponds were stocked with trout:  Lake Saltonstall (aka Plug Pond),  Millvale Reservoir, Lake Pentucket.

Plug Pond shows signs of Spring even if there aren't any leaves

Plug Pond shows signs of Spring even if there aren’t any leaves


3. Haverhill has a variety of fishing options most notably the Merrimack River. In  season you’ll find stripers, sturgeon and carp that grow over 100 lbs. Bring a high test line.

Links to fish specific websites touting the Merrimack River:

CARP – ,




IMG_4568 Haverhill Fishing Blog


4. Trout can be caught using bait as diverse  as cat nibbles, mealy worms (for buoyancy) , and Pro Bait

5. While mornings are nice and quiet, fishing is good in afternoons, too.

6. You can buy your fishing license online (Haverhill City Hall does NOT sell licenses) or at retail outlets

IMG_4573 Haverhill Fishing Blog

7. Haverhill has a first class bait and tackle shop:  River Street Bait and Tackle
219 River Street – Haverhill, MA  978.374.8159 (Bait shop is conveniently located near Tacos Lupita fabulous and authentic cheap eats, stock up before fishing with this human bait of the most delicious kind.)


Watch out for windy days1

Watch out for windy days!

8. Haverhill encourages good sportsmanlike behavior and catch and release, since many fishing locations sport signs discouraging eating locally captured fish (remember this was a mill town for many decades.)

Trout at Plug Pond Haverhill MA

Trout at Plug Pond Haverhill MA

9. Haverhill is becoming a fishing destination. On THOH’s early morning, mid-week visit to Plug Pond, about 60% of those fishing were from Haverhill – the rest were from Methuen, Hampstead NH, and Lawrence. All said that the fishing is better in Haverhill and that our city offers more beautiful  location options. Ages ranged from teen to septuagenarian. Teen from Nettle School was one of the best informed fisherman at the site.


IMG_4566 Haverhill Fishing Blog

Checking out the competition

THOH was pleased to watch from a distance as one Methuen man picked old trash out of the water, and transported it to the well placed trash receptacles. As he said later – “fishing is a waiting game, it gives you chance to talk to like-minded friends and be good stewards of the water ways we love.”

Rainbow trout camouflaged in clear Plug Pond water

Rainbow trout camouflaged in clear Plug Pond water

(c) 2014 by Alison Colby-Campbell



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