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In Haverhill, Spring is in the Air – IF You Know Where to Look.

It doesn’t happen often, but the Heartbeat of Haverhill was feeling a little blue; the winter’s been so long, we lost the best pet rabbit in the universe (Mystic the Great White Bun/House Rabbit Extraordinaire), and despite the added daylight and the promise that tomorrow is the first day of spring, we just weren’t feeling springy.

IMG_3676 Haverhill Holland Flowers blog

What to do? The self-prescribed antidote – look for happiness triggers in Haverhill. We started off visiting the location in Bradford along the River where the proposed new multi-use development is being considered. It’s a bit premature yet, but we are always scouting for our eventual office space for both The Heartbeat of Haverhill and our marketing business. Not exactly sure we were at the precise spot, but did see some great locations with excellent views and interesting areas to explore.

No kids playing here today, but soon big fishy, soon

No kids playing here today, but soon big fishy, soon

Along the way we noticed that the river appears to be ice-free at the moment, and that encouraged additional exploration – down to the Crescent Yacht Club to see how morning light was shining on our city buildings across the River. Guess what we saw there.  We saw some frilly buds on trees, a true harbinger of spring We also heard more birds than we could identify though we recognized the downy woodpecker, robins, phoebes, and seagulls. It’s easy to forget how quiet the winter is until spring starts its raucous return.

Actual buds on trees

Actual buds on trees photographed March 19, 2014

But what transformed the blues to blue sky happy? An impromptu stop at Holland Flowers, 577 South Main Street (aka Route 125)Bradford They had a sign offering two bunches of daffodils for $5. And that was a mood booster that this girl could afford. Now we know we can get flowers at Market Basket and even pharmacies sell stale little bunches, but flowers from a florist are special. They come without the reminder that you also need to get Drano for the clogged tub or Tums for a stressful tummy. These are flowers not as an after-thought but flowers as a treat and having recently committed to limiting sweets yet again, these are treats that would do no harm.

IMG_3694 Haverhill Holland Flowers blog

So a little about Holland Flowers. They’ve been at their Bradford location for sixteen years and been in business for thirty-three. Unfortunately for proprietors  Kathy and Mike Holland and the city’s flower-lovers, the store’s façade does not tempt the casual passersby.  So as an enjoyable retail shop, it remains a Haverhill secret. We’d never visited and have driven by for almost six years now. In fact it might have been another six, had it not been for those daffodils. And that’s too bad, because the first thing you will notice upon entering is that it is BIG, much bigger than you would guess. And in the display cases, you see that they have the ability to cater to any type of  shopper with lovely and inventive pre-arranged flowers just waiting to liven up your home, give a jolt of joy to your sick aunt, or spread a little love, last minute. Prices ranged from solo lunch out to dinner for four.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Holland Flowers has been having a good year and you can see why. Customers can let the talented staff do the work or put their own creative juices to the test with a small field of flowers offered by the stem or the bunch, stuffed animals, cards, ribbons, vases and even jewelry. One small display area in the store is dedicated to that most definitive sign of spring – proms. There are a dozen options for wrist bouquet bracelets. We may be dating ourselves but we’re pretty sure in our day, we just had stretchy elastic if you went that route instead of a pin-on corsage or nose gay (does anyone even remember the term “nose gay”?)

IMG_3701 Haverhill Holland Flowers blog

Happiness inducing flowers

We upgraded our purchase to tulips (also on special) when we learned Holland Flowers would custom create the bunch however we wanted. We went with a cheery combination of vibrant orange and rich purple. Seriously can anyone be unhappy in the vicinity of orange and purple? THOH checked out  with a free floral calendar along with our improved mood and stopped for one more photo. The Heartbeat of Haverhill was then allowed to step into the refrigerated flower cases where the essence of  stock flowers, lilies and carnations made us believers again that spring is actually coming soon to a location near you.  But if that seems too far away, stop in for a preview at Holland Flowers.

What signs of spring have you seen?

(c) 2014 by Alison Colby-Campbell

2 comments on “In Haverhill, Spring is in the Air – IF You Know Where to Look.

  1. Positive Images
    March 19, 2014

    Hi Alison,

    Just a quick hello from Pat at Positive Images Gallery. While I will probably see you tonight at the HCC meeting (sooo happy to have you on board !), there isn’t always time to chat before the meetings, and I am usually running home to husband and dinner afterwards.

    After meeting (or re-meeting ????) you at the last HCC gathering, I curiously checked out your blog…then proceeded to read each and every entry. My first thought was, ” This is something that I always intended to do…but here is someone who is actually DOING it.” Second thought : “Well done, and much needed !” And finally : ” We should be friends.” As someone who is running at the speed of light most days, I am not actively in the market for new friends;yet I am always happy to find a kindred spirit. Between your love of writing and photography, your position as Haverhill Cheerleader, and your passion for all things furry, we certainly have a lot in common !

    So let’s just say that I am happy to have “discovered” you, and sorry that I never really made the connection earlier. Hooray for all that you are doing to bring joy and awareness to the city, and I look forward to your future postings.

    See you tonight !

    Pat Bruno

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      March 19, 2014

      gee thank you.I certainly understand the running at the speed of light but I “try” to take the time to smell the Haverhill roses and there are plenty! See you at the Haverhill Cultural Council –

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