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Red Sky in Morning Sailors Heed Warning – Haverhill Before the Next Big Storm

There are so many fascinating and beautiful things The Heartbeat of Haverhill seeks out around town on a regular basis, but the ones that take us by surprise, keep us smiling all day.

A missed bus and its fallout, an early morning drive to Haverhill High School, has started off many a day in a grump-fest. We’ve learned to look for the sunny side and carry a camera.

Merrimack River Haverhill Red Sky in Morning

Merrimack River Haverhill Red Sky in Morning

That paid off this morning as the sky foretold of the weather to come (Red sky at night sailor’s delight, Red sky in morning sailors heed warning). A prolonged glimpse at the distant rising sun’s vibrant red then gold aura did what weather forecasters with dozens of computers try to do every day: told us a storm is brewing, and this time the prediction was in concert with less natural weather predictors.

We traveled a bit off our intended trail to Haverhill’s River Rest Park to capture an image that changed every few seconds as the florid sky shifted to coral then gold. The park walkway wasn’t cleared for walking though much of the snow had melted, and loose-fitting loafers did little to ward off the cold of the snow and temps hovering between 6-10 degrees. But THOH persisted for a few shots then headed back to the car when we saw “it”.

Haverhil Merrimack River Loon? Jan 2014

Haverhill Merrimack River Loon?  Unlikely. Jan 2014

We removed the lens cap and headed back to the walkway as an anxious daughter reminded us that the late bell rings at 7:30. We promised a note exonerating her. Is it possible that’s a loon flying overhead? We saw it clearly in flight, though it landed in a shaded area of the river, took its dive for food and disappeared for a bit. The Heartbeat of Haverhill steeled itself and waited until it rose out of the chilly depths. Shot another couple of too dark photos and headed again to the car. We made it to school with 30-seconds to spare. Surely a teacher would understand the need to capture this natural moment on film, er, digital memory stick.

Haverhill SkiBradford Trail Grooming 2014

Haverhill SkiBradford Trail Grooming 2014

We were encouraged to do more exploring “on our own time”, and took that advice to heart and headed to SkiBradford after the drop off, wondering whether the sun would reach the slopeside. It did not, but we got a chance to witness trail grooming, and shoot off a couple of pictures of that before making it home at 8:00am to start our own work, on time.

Three adventures for the price of one missed bus! Well worth a shivery drive and perhaps a frostbitten little fingertip. Man, it was cold.

Geese on Plum Island

Geese on Plum Island

Get out and enjoy the early mornings and report back to The Heartbeat of Haverhill with what you see around our city. THOH forwarded a photo of the bird in question to the Audubon Society and will report back with the findings. And that reminds us  – we saw the snowy owls at Plum Island last week. First time we’d ever seen them. Very exiting but bring binoculars or a good telephoto lens.

Snowy Owl Plum Island

Snowy Owl Plum Island

(c)2014 images and editorial by Alison Colby-Campbell

One comment on “Red Sky in Morning Sailors Heed Warning – Haverhill Before the Next Big Storm

  1. Brain4Rent/THoH
    January 22, 2014

    The bird in the Merrimack River is a Merganser and not a loon, not even a Red or just a “Common” Merganser, and here I thought I’d found something unique. Lovely bird though and I’m glad he came to visit and add excitment to my day even if only for a little while. Storm, thankfully, was a bust too…a dusting really…easy peasey

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