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Winnekenni in Winter – Haverhill MA

IMG_2572 winnekenni winter

The Heartbeat of Haverhill typical hangs up its hiking boots when winter gets its icy grip on our city, and these past few weeks called for enough soup and cocoa to march my hiking boots right up to the attic. THOH cried “Winter is here to stay!”

But as nature-lovers after two weeks’ of hibernating, cocooned in a fluffy throw, an ever present down vest and fleece socks covetously watching House Hunters  Tropical Edition we yearned for a breath of fresh air, even if that air was cold enough to freeze our nostrils shut. Even if that icy air was heavily laden with snow and ice. After all SkiBradford and its speed demon fans relished the frost because it meant continuous snowmaking interrupted only by the real thing and resulted in the ski/board resort to open weeks early.

So after burrowing through 10″ of snow to find cars glazed in a 1/4″ of ice, then scraping and blow torching the ice encumbered car locks.we drove relatively easily to Winnekenni Castle and Park. Winnekenni is arguably one of the cities favorite attractions, but what does it offer in winter?


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There were sledders and dog walkers and snow shoers and cross country skiers and  photographers and hikers who refused to put their boots in storage for the next four months. Given more time we’re sure we would have seen ice fishing and skating, too. Everybody at Winnekenni celebrated the  cold and snow except the craft fair that canceled due to the same weather that brought everyone else out. And without an event to lure us inside, everyone who turned up turned outside  for  fun in 16-degree temps.  Sure there were occasional pops into warm cars to regain feeling in near frozen fingers and toes, but then it was outside again for another frosty romp.

And so The Heartbeat of Haverhill may have spent more time in the car than most, but we were out there, and it felt good.

Learn more about Winnekenni Castle and Park at

(c)2o13 by Alison Colby-Campbell

2 comments on “Winnekenni in Winter – Haverhill MA

  1. Peter Richmond
    December 18, 2013

    My best memories of Winnekenni when I lived there (1948-69) were in the spring & summer, cycling around the many narrow roads that encircled the castle and neighboring reservoir. Also, playing ball on the lower field when in the Cub Scouts.

  2. Brain4Rent/THoH
    December 19, 2013

    Thanks Peter Richmond for bringing your memories to the public here and offering additional activities…can’t wait til Spring!

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