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Haverhill’s Ruth’s House…Helping those in Need

This morning, The Heartbeat of Haverhill drove by the house in Bradford that burned after midnight a few days ago resulting in the emergency evacuation of all of its tenants. One corner was charred, all windows were boarded, and a large “No Trespassing” sign was plastered to the front. All residents escaped, but THOH wondered: “To where?” Where do you go when you have nothing left?  

Late night fire displaced tenants in Bradford

Late night fire displaced tenants in Bradford

Coincidentally we drove by Ruth’s House Thrift Shop in Lafayette Square shortly thereafter and we stopped because the lamps in the window looked so inviting and warm on a below-freezing morning just after sunrise. So THOH took a photo with the expectation of making a brief post on the THOH Facebook page about how nice their Thrift Shop looked.

Ruth's House Thrift Shop Lafayette Sq Haverhill

Ruth’s House Thrift Shop Lafayette Sq Haverhill, the lights in the window are a beacon to some.

Due diligence requires THOH to check out websites and familiarize ourselves with whatever topic might end up on our blog or Facebook page. That’s how we discovered the role Ruth’s House plays in our community. We felt an immediate connection when we read the headline “The Heartbeat of Ruth’s House, Inc.”  We will let them describe their mission…..This is from Ruth’s House website

RUTH’S HOUSE – Hands Across the Valley Mission

The Heartbeat of Ruth’s House, Inc.

Through our Hands Across the Valley program many state, religious, and local charitable organizations refer people to us in need. Many are homeless and on the streets, some have fled to shelters for safety, and still some are in shelters trying to rebuild their lives. We help babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, veterans and the elderly. All of them deserve to be warm and dry. Shoes, coats and underwear aren’t luxuries, they are necessities! The Ruth’s House Hands Across The Valley mission provides these referrals with FOUR complete sets of weather appropriate clothing at NO cost. We include brand new socks and underwear too. These families receive a special 20% discount off of everything in our thrift store to further rebuild their lives. On any given day we provide as many as ten families of one to six family members the basic human need of clothing. QUALIFYING To qualify for the Hands Across the Valley program, please contact our Referral Coordinator at 978-521-5575 to set up an appointment.

Thank you Ruth’s House for your service and outreach to those in need in Haverhill and beyond. There are over 80 shelters and charitable organizations in the Merrimack Valley that refer people to Ruth’s House.Clothing, Household Items and Monetary Donations help Ruth's House offer aid to those in need

Clothing, Household Items and Monetary Donations help Ruth’s House offer aid to those in need

Ruth’s House motto is simple:  “Don’t Throw It Away When So Many Go Without”. Imagine yourself in that desperate situation when all is lost and no solution seems possible. Now imagine the relief when someone offers you dignity as well as a shoulder, a prayer and life’s necessities to help see you through. Ruth’s House is, for many, the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The lift that helps keep your head above water until you’ve gained the strength to swim on your own.

As the temperature keeps dropping, demand keeps rising. Ruth’s House needs donations of gently used clean clothing and household items, as well as monetary donations to provide new underwear and socks.  If your closet is bulging and your bureau drawers can’t be closed, please consider donating your excess so someone with far less can experience a hint of compassion and normalcy. Drop by Ruth’s House, or give them a call or a check. Let them know their good works are noticed and appreciated by The Heartbeat of Haverhill and the community. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Ruth’s House Thrift Shop 111 Lafayette Square Haverhill, MA 01831  (978) 521-5575. If you are not in a position to donate, then they’ll offer you blessings and good wishes and a hand up if you should need it.

“When I was naked, you clothed me.” Matt: 25.36 

Ruth’s House has a Facebook page that you can like!

For more on the fire read this article from

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