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Lakeview Kitchen Showcases Local Gourmet Products.

Lakeview Kitchen makers of the best home-made oreo coming soon to Bradford.

Eric and David of Lakeview Kitchen enticed THOH this summer at Haverhill’s Farmers Market




The Heartbeat of Haverhill loves to hear about new businesses opening in Haverhill, and Lakeview Kitchen (151 South Main St. ( Bradford ), Haverhill, Massachusetts 01835 (978) 994-9508) is especially close to our heart, or rather our tastebuds, ever since we became a homemade oreo cookie groupie last spring.

Look for the new Lakeview Kitchen gourmet store and cafe in downtown Bradford

Lakeview Kitchen gourmet store/café opened in downtown Bradford

So how do you go from a booth at the Haverhill Farmers Market to a gleaming new shop/café/bakery in downtown Bradford? That’s an ambitious combination, but Lakeview Kitchen knows the recipe: equal measures careful planning, high quality products and the support of fans. THOH followed owners Eric and David weekly at the Farmers Market getting our regular fix of home-made oreo-but-better cookies, and we’re so happy (or maybe concerned, LOL) that the cookie hankering can be sated anytime.

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And their new shop is a continuation of their Farmers Market booth’s commitment to quality, with a penchant for “local” but on a MUCH grander scale. THOH noticed the bounty lining the shelves with gourmet items provided by connections made at the other booths at the Farmers Market:  Sula’s Salsa, Angie’s Apothecaring Teas (both purportedly curative and simply delicious varieties), products from Kimball Farm, and other lines with links to Haverhill: Harbor Sweets, Ruuska’s Pickles. But for Eric and David, local means regional as well. My husband and I visited on election day, and he keyed right into his favorite “micro” root beer made in Somerville, while I headed to the cappuccino counter.

They brew Rao coffee preferred by several of Boston's celebrity chefs

They brew Rao coffee preferred by several of Boston’s celebrity chefs

Decaf RAO’s cappuccino for me. I was told this is the only coffee/espresso product used by Gordon Hammersly of Hammersly’s Bistro and Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger fame….nice pedigree! So what goes well with cappuccino? I’m guessing homemade oreos but I was too early for those. Then David entered in a wafting cloud of delicious aroma, Freshly baked scones warm from the oven. I tried pumpkin ginger if I recall correctly and found a new favorite.

Lakeview Kitchen's Fancy Candies by the bag or by the jar.

Lakeview Kitchen’s Fancy Candies by the bag or by the jar.

Here’s the layout….There are a few small tables in the bright window-lit café area where you can enjoy a gourmet panini or continental breakast, a cappuccino/baked goods bar, a deli case, gourmet food cases, and a chocolate and candy room, plus shelves lined with soon to be favorite delicacies like multi colored pasta, and specialty sauces. The team will make unrivaled gift baskets for your lucky connoisseur family and friends, or you are free to customize a basket yourself.  Now if only they had a gift registry…maybe next year!

DSC_0582 Lakeview grand opening

Lakeview Kitchen’s Grand Opening Celebration is today Saturday, November 9 and runs from 1pm-4pm. There will be samples of exquisite olive oils, cheeses, cured meats, mustards, condiments and other treats. Check out the Lakeview Kitchen Facebook page for more photos and information

THOH thinks these men are very brave hosting a Grand Opening only days after the doors opened. Most restaurants wait months to get the kinks out. Our prediction – The place will be jam-packed both literally (as long as it’s gourmet) and figuratively. So stop in and tell them The Heartbeat of Haverhill sent you.

These unused gleaming baking sheets and tins...never will be the same!

These unused gleaming baking sheets and tins…will never be the same!

THOH TOP SECRET BAKING DISCLOSURE: We learned that homemade cookie dough should chill in the refrigerator for several hours before baking.  This allows the flavors to meld and improves texture. THOH never demonstrates that kind of restraint when we bake, but we’re glad Lakeview Kitchen does.

(c)2013 by Alison Colby-Campbell

5 comments on “Lakeview Kitchen Showcases Local Gourmet Products.

  1. lynnefavreau
    November 10, 2013

    Alison, I’m so glad you posted about this, I was going to ask if you’d visited the shop. A friend and I stopped in earlier in the week and picked up a couple of scones (her’s gluten free), a muffin, chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. I’m a real baking snob and am happy to attest to the deliciousness of their baked goods. The variety of gourmet pastas, mustard, honey, etc, is inspirational (that jeweled colored pasta caught my eye too). We left imagining all the holiday gift baskets of goodies we could compile from the store. And bonus, now I won’t have to go all the way to Joppa in Newburyport for specialty cheese. Lovely store, terrific proprietors.

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      November 11, 2013

      And though we know this duo from Haverhill’s Farmers Market, and so can attest to their offerings, I got an off line message from someone in Medford MA who said “I love that kind of shop I’m traveling to Haverhill” BTW on the actual opening I was working so the rest of the family attended and brought me home some chocolate…the white chocolate with orange and chili pepper was a really unique and delicious treat. Not inexpensive, but amazing enough that we learned to savor rather than gorge ourselves on it. Thanks as always for your comments, Lynne, btw that pasta was almost too pretty too cook….and we did try a “red gravy” (“tomato sauce” to some)…and it was light and lovely, too.

  2. Lisa Shorey
    November 13, 2013

    Thanks SO much for posting this! I cannot wait to go here!!!

  3. Brain4Rent/THoH
    February 27, 2014

    cheddar and chive scone!

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