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Congratulations Haverhill native Dr. James E. Rothman (aged 62)  for sharing the Nobel Prize for medicine. We couldn’t be more proud to boast about the caliber of students who come out of our schools. The whole world is writing about your amazing contribution so THOH will focus on some other talented Hillies.

There were highly contested competitions much closer to home. And The Heartbeat of Haverhill bee-lined to Coolidge Hall at this year’s Topsfield Fair to see if there were any ribbons attached to the photos we entered in the amateur photography competition. Our photos looked mighty naked. And that was disappointing on a couple of levels – personally, of course (I’d hoped my husband and step-daughter might have won even if I had not), but also because my entry showcased Dale Rogers’ Easter Island sculpture right  here in Bradford, and, THOH always wants to see our city recognized for all the positive and exciting things we lay claim to.

THOH/Alison Colby-Campbell Photo of Dale Rogers' sculpture in Bradford

THOH/Alison Colby-Campbell Photo of Dale Rogers’ sculpture in Bradford, hung but ribbon free at 2013 Topsfield Fair

Fortunately Haverhill did not put all its hopes in us. And we could choose to dwell on THOH’s lack of ribbon or concentrate on the myriad of talents demonstrated by our neighbors. Haverhill achieved excellence all over the fair this year.  During our abbreviated visit to the Topsfield Fair (running through October 14), we stopped by Paul Prue’s stained glass booth also in Coolidge Hall (stunning work). He;s offering classes from beginngers on up, too!

The renaissance man Paul Prue:  Stained Glass Artist, Musician, Show Producer t the Topsfield Fair with his Stained Glass Exhibit seen here with Mary.

The renaissance man Paul Prue: Stained Glass Artist, Musician, Show Producer at the Topsfield Fair with his Stained Glass Exhibit seen here with Mary. Photo courtesy of the artist.

We hunted for the newest and best fair food this year….at the Sho Nuf  BBQ tent on the oval. We indulged in some YUMAZING pulled pork from Willie Sherrer and crew, it’s absolutely worth the effort it may take you to find the booth. Once sated we began to notice the word “Haverhill” on lots of  blue ribboned entries. We know we didn’t see them all before we had to leave.  (Apologies for those we missed, feel free to comment on the blog with other winners and if possible include a photo.)

Some of the winners were household names, some seen weekly at the Haverhill’s Farmers Market. But others are neighbors we haven’t met yet like Elizabeth Stasinos who captured a “first” in a Poultry Category.

Winning Poultry

Winning Poultry

Jackson Nichols had several awards in the Cooking With Honey Category/Youth Division including a special Alley Award for a recipe challenge, several first places and Youth Best in Show for Chocolate honey fudge.  (I restrained myself, but with difficulty, from looking for a way to sneak away one piece, it was that delicious looking!).

Youth Division Winner Baking With Honey

Youth Division Winner Baking With Honey

Sarah’s Place earned a blue ribbon for a delectable confection also in the Cooking With Honey, Adult division.

Sarah's Place Honey-based confection

Sarah’s Place Honey-based confection

David Butt of Turkey Hill Farm scored a blue ribbon for the most perfectly shaped Christmas Tree.


Turkey Hill Farm, Perfect Christmas Tree

And then there is Wally’s Farm. Wally’s Farm has enough ribbons for exceptional vegetables to make a monochromatic (mostly blue) ribbon quilt.

Just a Sampling of Wally's Farm Winning Produce

Just a Sampling of Wally’s Farm Winning Produce

Here’s a great link of what an “award ribbon” quilt might look like from someone who actually makes the quilts. I did win a photography Topsfield Fair ribbon a couple years ago, only the second time I’d entered  –  the cool kind with the big button top for Best of Category Amateur Photography, and I picked up another this year for having petted a rabbit,  a talent I think I could win were it based on competition rather than participation, but between the two, I don’t have enough for anything beyond a coaster, and only one at that. The pressure’s on to win more  a) to prove it wasn’t just one lucky shot and b) if I want a table runner or something.

2011 Amateur Photography Winner Best in Category by Alison Colby-Campbell

Alison Colby-Campbell/THOH’s 2011 Amateur Photography Winner

A Topsfield Fair ribbon and the Nobel Prize may seem worlds apart, but when it comes to showcasing the variety and excellence  of talents evident in our neighbors and achieved through hard work and dedication, they’re not really all that different… except, of course, for the $1.2 million dollar Nobel prize money (estimated by Wikipedia for 2012).

NOTE – THOH noted on  that the average age of a Nobel Prize recipient is 59, and the oldest winner was 90, a strong point being made that there are still mountains to scale when we exit middle age! From 1901 to 2012, 555 Nobel prizes have been awarded, and only 44 have gone to women including two to Marie Curie in 1903 and 1911. Ladies we have some work to do!


©2013 by Alison Colby-Campbell

4 comments on “HAVERHILL HERALDED IN STOCKHOLM & TOPSFIELD (Nobel Prize & Topsfield Fair Ribbons)

  1. Nicole Amaro
    October 8, 2013

    I got three ribbons also in the Crafts Division—2 First place and 1 Honorable mention. Look forward to reading your blog

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      October 8, 2013

      Congratulations, Nicole…that is super impressive! What is your craft/s…If I get to go back to the fair and I’ll look for your winners and if yo send me a photo I will gladly add it to my post.

  2. Topsfield Fair
    December 23, 2013

    Hi guys!

    Sorry, we just found this post. I wish we could have responded sooner! We appreciate your comments about this year’s Fair. We always appreciate feedback about the event in general, and about our vendors, too! We definitely got some positive responses to Willie’s BBQ – great food and great people!

    We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t win any ribbons this year, but Haverhill definitely does get some amazing representation here! We hope you’ll exhibit with us again next year – maybe in even more departments? You should check out the Farm Photography Contest (hosted by the Grange Building) next year. You can enter it in addition to the Fine Arts contest, but it does have some different rules.

    Thanks for visiting the 2013 Topsfield Fair and we hope to see you here next year!

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      December 23, 2013

      I have no problem not winning my family and I always love the opportunity the contests offer to get outside together with our cameras. I mistakenly thought the fine arts and farm photo contests deadlines were on the same day.and so missed our chance with that contest that we have entered before.. Glad this opportunity present itself and we always have a ball.

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