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Haverhill’s Favorite Swimming Hole (Plug Pond) Scheduled to Open 10 AM June 19 for the 2014 Season



The Heartbeat of Haverhill has learned that while it is exciting to go out in search of a known entity to report on, the story I go after and the one I end up writing very seldom have much in common. There are just so many wonderful stories in this city that I am always drawn to another when I allow serendipity to rule my day. Today on a quest to find Haverhill’s peaceful retreats, I was enticed to stop at Plug Pond by a bald eagle silently riding the air currents above the water, and while I never caught the gorgeous bird on camera, one gentleman who has been fishing Plug Pond for 50 years pointed out an enormous pine tree where I would likely find the eagle, next time.

DSC_0152 Benches 2 Plugs pond

However, if the eagle was enjoying the quiet solitude as much as I was, he may not be back before sunset for a while.  At 10:00 a.m. on June 20, the gates open for the season, and the soothing sound of the gentle wind, lapping water and rustling leaves I heard the day before opening will be punctuated by the splashes, laughter, and excited voices of children and adults alike.

Plugs Pond Pavillion

Plug Pond Pavilion Gets A Clean Up Before Guests Arrive

A chance encounter with Haverhill’s Parks and Recreation head Vincent Ouellette, a Haverhill native, who was overseeing the final touches to the recreation area provided a bit of background as well as the best answer yet to the question “What is the best kept secret about Haverhill?” Mr. Ouellette said “the best kept secret is the city itself. Haverhill offers the best of city, suburban and rural living all in one place. Outsiders have no idea how great this place is.”

Plugs Pond Haverhill new sand blankets the beach

Plug Pond Haverhill new sand blankets the beach

It takes considerable effort to open and maintain our mini resort each summer and as the morning progressed, it was all hands on deck for the final makeover before the guests arrive.  The clean, new sand is freshly groomed, the trees are trimmed to remove dead ends and the grass shaved to the exact right height to cool toes and encourage lounging. The areas around the benches are freshly mulched and the benches themselves painted a deep evergreen. Lifeguards, who will soon be scanning the water from perches high up in their tower to keep everyone happy and safe, today are doing inventory and cleaning. Sound like the perfect summer job??  Mr. Ouellette always keeps an eye out for new lifeguards.

Plugs Pond 2013 Lifeguard Rachel in Boathouse

Plug Pond 2013 Lifeguard Rachel in Boathouse

Plug Pond is a lovely spot routinely stocked with 2-foot trout. I watched the bobbins cast by a couple of local anglers, looking for the tell tale dip beneath the surface.  No luck during my stay, but I know the excitement that little tug-tug brings.  But that is nothing compared to the thrill of the last school bell and the promise of the first summer swim.

Last one in is a rotten egg!

Plugs Pond Haverhill  Hours

Plug Pond Haverhill Hours

©2013 by Alison Colby-Campbell

8 comments on “Haverhill’s Favorite Swimming Hole (Plug Pond) Scheduled to Open 10 AM June 19 for the 2014 Season

  1. Never miss out on Haverhill’s good news. Subscribe to this blog by clicking the follow button found at the top and right of each post and feel free to share the good news with friends and family using the Share this buttons. Got a good idea for a story…let me know in care of this blog. Thanks for reading.

  2. Jean Carrington
    June 19, 2013

    As a newcomer to Haverhill – where is Plugs Pond???

    • I’m relatively new too. Plugs Pond is also called Lake Saltonstall and is on Sanders Road. I happened upon it one day driving around wasting time until my daughter finished band practice. Hope you find it.

  3. Lynne Favreau
    June 19, 2013

    Jean, when I first moved here 17 years ago, it took me months to figure out where all the bodies of water are since what they are officially called and what the locals call them are entirely different things. I live next to Pentucket Lake, aka Round Pond. Lake Saltonstall, aka Plugs Pond is on Sanders Road, off Mill Street.

  4. Lynne, before I moved in here I looked at homes all over Haverhill and Bradford and in my travels came across a very pretty lake on a blvd. I’ve lived here just about 5 years now and could never find that lake again.I had neither gps nor town map. Since starting this blog I’ve been driving around a lot more and I finally found that lake again a couple of weeks ago…it is Pentucket/Round Pond. Very pretty area

  5. So Haverhill long-timers – is it Plug Pond or Plugs Pond I had heard it as Plugs but my husband said it didn’t have an “:s” so I changed it but now I am confused…which is right?

  6. Barry Binns
    July 13, 2016

    Is plugs pond dog friendly??

    • Brain4Rent/THoH
      July 13, 2016

      I don’t think dogs are allowed within the beach area but I think along the trails is allowed and there are plenty of wooded trails. But you should check with the city to see.

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