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Get Out! Enjoying Nature Hillie-Style

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What Do I Like Best about Haverhill ….

One of the most surprising perks about living in the City of Haverhill is the sheer quantity of opportunities we have to relish nature.  I’ve been chronicling my good fortune in a city that supports its parks and natural diversity with my camera and notes in my Haverhill Trails book purchased at the library.

Check out the Haverhill Trail Guide for inspiration for finding your own best places; it was updated in 2012 with new trails. The books are available at Haverhill City Hall, Room 210, for $10. This office is open M-F from 8-4. A local business called Wally’s Farmstand, 799 Amesbury Road (Rte.110), open week-ends, also sells them at their front counter for the same price of $10. The gift shop at the Haverhill Public Library also carries the book, but they chose to sell the book for $12 after purchasing them from the Haverhill Trails Committee.

Here’s a showcase of some of my favorite photos and places taken in our abundant city.

How many other cities offer a beach, local lakes stocked with trout…

Plug Pond

Plugs Pond aka Lake Saltonstall

a ski slope…

Ski Bradford

Ski Bradford

eight lakes and ponds…

Pentucket Lake

Pentucket Lake

a winding river with newly revamped trails….

Riverside Park

Riverside Park

our very own castle with a lake view…

Trail around Winnekenni

Winnekenni Castle Trails with view of Lake Kenoza

And wild life that’s not limited to our pubs and night clubs. When I played tennis on the outside clay courts at Cedardale Health and Tennis this week, I was distracted by the sight of two eagles soaring overhead; eagle sighting number two occurred less than 24 hours later when I saw the now familiar white head, yellow beak and black feather wings gliding over the Merrimack River near River Street.

Kenoza Lake Goose and Gosling

Kenoza Lake Goose and Gosling

Long stretches of farm land supply produce, petting zoos, and hay rides.

New Kid on the Block Crescent Farm

New Kid on the Block, Crescent Farm

Haverhill is a nature lovers’ destination, and this nature lover spent the day (as I’ve obviously spent many days) with my camera and sensible shoes checking out what each season offers those who crave the sunlight, fresh air,  plants, and critters this town has in abundance.

Cows griping about Rambunctious Kids

Cows griping about Rambunctious Kids, Crescent Farm

What do you love most about Haverhill?

Post you your opinion on this blog and it may become a feature post.

Take the leap - get outside and enjoy Haverhill

Take the leap – get outside and enjoy Haverhill

(c) 2013 Photographs and Text by Alison Colby-Campbell

2 comments on “Get Out! Enjoying Nature Hillie-Style

  1. lynnefavreau
    May 16, 2013

    Lovely photos, it is so nice seeing Haverhill presented this way. Coming from a multicultural neighborhood in Boston, I had definite ideas about what I wanted in a new hometown. Haverhill has city amenities with a town feeling. Rural pastures with a thriving art community. Farms, and fine restaurants. Neighborhoods with sidewalks where people sit on their porch on Sunday morning and say “Hello” to passersby. There’s not much you can’t shop for in this town, though we could use a bed and breakfast, gourmet cheese shop and a indie bookstore! I love driving down Primrose and catching a savory whiff coming from Joseph’s. There’s a lot good stuff going on here.

  2. brain4rent
    May 16, 2013

    Lynne thank you so much for reading and commenting. Most people are a little shy when it comes to leaving comments so I am hoping yours breaks the ice. I love your experiences in and about the city. And I appreciate you description of a town feeling. I haven’t been here long, but my first concern was – oh no now I live in a city after spending so much time in places called towns. But I’ve seen the light of all the amenities and the great people! If you have a specific event, incident or person who does something for the betterment of the town, please let me know and we’ll write it up or ask you to guest blog. Thank you

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